W.I.S. Whole School Library Expectations
What you can expect at the Library Media Center:
  • Our libraries are a place where students and teachers can research, select books, and use the computers.
  • Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Prompt service.

What is expected of the teachers:
  • Meet with the librarian in advance to collaborate with your Units of Inquiry.
  • Clear understanding of the purpose for the library visit. Schedule in advance the use of the library media center.

What is expected of students in the Library Media Center:
  • Have permission from your teacher to come to the library unless you are with a class.
  • Sign the library log.
  • Keep gum, food, and drink out of the library.
  • Use your time efficiently.
  • Share resources with others.
  • When speaking to others in the library use a quiet voice.
  • See a librarian before you leave the library with library resources.
  • Return all library materials on time.
  • Use appropriate online resources.

What is expected of the parents:
  • Ask your child about his or her library experience.
  • Make time to read to your child or have your child read to you.
  • Have books for your child to read at home.
  • For older students, ask your students about what they are reading, if they say "nothing" encourage them to go to the library and talk to the librarian.

  • The library media center program does not assign homework other than encourage students to read everyday and return library materials on time.

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